Monday, 30 August 2010

Black Tulle Fabric Diamante Hairclip and Brooch

Hey guys!

I've just listed this pretty black tulle fabric brooch and hairclip. I added a lovely diamante crystal rhinestone embellishment for a bit of sparkle, as let's face it, who doesnt like a bit of sparkle in their life! The tulle is soft and looks quite vintage.

I handstitched the petals and attached them to black felt. I then fixed a brooch pin and alligator clip to the back for dual use.

Add this to a handbag or and old cushion to give it a different look. This would also be great  for a special occassion and it looks great in your hair.

Black Tulle Hairclip - Use it in your hair.
Diamante Crystal Rhinestone Embellishment
Black Tulle Fabric Brooch & Hairclip

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