Monday, 9 August 2010

Blog TLC

White Satin Cocktail Ring
Well I've eventually got around to doing up my blog a bit and hope to add content on a more regular basis! There are so many things to do when starting up a new business but I'm starting to juggle them all a bit better!

Here are my latest items, let me know what you think! More to come....

Pink Tulle and Purple Feather Hairclip and Brooch

Hope you enjoy my blog, please feel free to leave your comments!


  1. I was basically going to say EXACTLY what Creative Minds said (even capitalizing the "LOVE" too). The ring is genius!

    I'd love for you to post some of your creations on my new site for vintage and handmade: - there are no listing fees or commissions on sales!

  2. Thanks so much girls! Got some more colours coming!

    Will check out your site, thanks Diana! :)